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23/04/2021 - 

Please pray for my spiritual health as a Christian. In the past, I was involved in witchcraft, the occult and other new age practices. I have since given my life back to Jesus Christ, however, I am still dealing with the after effects of my time in this lifestyle. I have trouble making decisions, praying and I also have trouble truly accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ within my heart. I also have trouble with delusional thoughts. Every day is a battle. I experience constant spiritual attacks. This has led to me suffering from OCD because when I fail to do things the “right way”, the attacks intensify which has caused me a great deal of anxiety. I also suffer from experiencing physical sensations related to the attacks. These physical sensations follow me throughout the day. I have trouble with experiencing false “visions” throughout the day pertaining to the people around me. When I was involved in witchcraft, I was very superstitious and this supersition has continued to follow me through intrusive thoughts. When I started practicing witchcraft, it was out of anger and vengeance and I often still experience those vengeful thoughts. I also have trouble with rejecting these thoughts once they come. A lot of the trouble that I have had with the occult has stemmed from issues with control and not wanting to seek revenge. I was very angry when I was involved in the occult and many of these spiritual attacks are triggered when I become angry or upset. I also have trouble with thoughts that involve attempting to communicate telepathically with people. This has all made it very difficult for me to live a normal and healthy life. I am also currently in seminary school and, although I really love what I am studying, I am unable to enjoy it because of all these spiritual attacks.

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