Adullam Programme

The Adullam Programme offers support, training and work experience for all people leaving prison or rehab

It involves meeting people at the prison/treatment gate and helping them rebuild their lives in a community that cares, values and believes in 2nd chances. Including a 20-week training programme structured around the “5 Ways to Well-being” with hands-on work experience. The Adullam Programme based at, and delivered through, Hope Church and is a self-referral, voluntary, community-based programme offering people leaving prison or rehab a second chance by addressing seven of the seven pathways to reducing reoffending. What are the pathways to prevent re-offending? There are 7 pathways to prevent re-offending, these are:


1. Accommodation
2. Education, training and employment
3. Health
4. Drugs and alcohol
5. Finance, benefit and debt
6. Children and families
7. Attitudes, thinking and behaviour

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Adullam Programme Booklet

This information booklet contains details on the Adullam programme, its principles, training programme, work experience and some commonly asked questions.

Application Pack

This information pack contains more details about the Adullam programme and what you need to apply for a place on the programme