Celebrate Recovery

A Christ centred, Bible based recovery programme designed to help people address a variety of hurts, habits, and hang-ups

When: Tuesdays @ 7:30pm


Celebrate Recovery offers the opportunity of a fresh start, new hope, ongoing support and encouragement to both men and women who struggle with ‘hurts, hang-ups, and habits’.


We seek to help individuals overcome difficulties with overeating, grief, divorce, insecurity, relationships, gambling, control, abuse, alcohol, drugs, overeating, guilt, sexual addiction, lying, perfectionism, anger, rage, fear, anxiety, co-dependency, overspending, procrastination, hypochondria, and various other problematic issues that many people struggle with and earnestly desire to break free from.


At the heart of Celebrate Recovery, we have a tried and tested recovery programme based on eight principles found in the beatitudes. This programme is both practical and Biblical and has at its centre the Lord Jesus Christ. This programme has been instrumental in helping literally thousands of people to find a new life worth living.

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Celebrate Recovery Leaflet

For more background and a quick introduction to the Celebrate Recovery programme, we have created a leaflet for you to download

How it works

At the core of Celebrate Recovery are 8 principles and 12 steps on the road to recovery. Learn more about Celebrate Recovery with this overview

We meet at 7:30 on Tuesday for an 8pm start

Visit the Celebrate Recovery UK website

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