Prayer for our 37 week unborn daughter Evelin’s half a heart to grow and for there to be no lung issues

11/02/2021 - 

Prayer for our 37 weeks unborn daughter Evelin’s half a heart condition- Hypoplastic left heart

Please would you pray for a miracle for our 37 weeks unborn daughter Evelin, who has half a heart – Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. It was diagnosed at the 20 week scan and ever since we and others have been praying that Jesus will grow the left side (ventricle) of her heart and make it the same size as the right side, so that Evelin has a whole fully functioning heart.

Last week we were also informed after recently having an MRI scan, that she might have a serious lung condition too (which we won’t know about until after she’s born), but if she does have this serious lung condition they won’t be able to operate on her and she will die.

Please pray for Evelin’s complete healing of her heart and potentially lungs. Having half a heart is one of the most serious heart conditions, it’s incurable and seen as a life limiting condition- even though they can carry out three open heart surgeries, they are see as palliative operations. This is because the operations can nit fix what did not grow in the first place and she could die at any stage, after the first or second op or third op, she will also likely die young- Hypoplastic left heart syndrome individuals are fortunate if they make it into their teens, 20’s or 30’s. Jesus is the only one that can ultimately cure her, Jesus is her only hope.

On the 1st of March I’ll induced, where I’ll give birth to her at St Thomas’. Medics will then spend around a three day period assessing whether she’s healthy and compatible enough to receive surgery.

God bless and love Lilly, Phil & unborn baby Evelin Grace Bonner xxx

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