~Please pray for protection of my belongings – here’s why.~

07/01/2021 - 

Please pray for the protection of my belongings in my own room within a privately rented flat with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. My suitcase isn’t secure because even though it’s combination locked the lock on it is faulty I definitely haven’t forgotten the combination of it that I set,and Iv’e had other combi locks from the same store that have been faulty which means I’m frustratingly breaking open my suitcase by running a knife along the zip.I just found a pair of clean undies that weren’t my size that didn’t belong to me Inside this suitcase! and my small padlocks and keys are missing and I suspect that this is the doing of a Polish woman who has sneaked into my room when my door was unlocked last year before I became more security concious.The communal toilet for 2 floors,including hers is adjacent to my room and she could have waited until I was occupied before sneaking in. I also discovered another security breach of a different combi lock on a different suitcase looking as if someone had stuck a knife into it trying to prise it open. I also hope it’s not the maintenance people,like one of them has stayed inside an empty room on this floor I know he’s been there,pretending he hasn’t when I’m there,maybe watching what I’m doing because I’m working from home.Then coming in if I have been around during the day walking around the landing and taken my padlocks and keys when I have left my door open so that when he comes in later on to do some maintenance in my flat he will have the keys to open my padlocks with. So please pray I will get new combi locks soon that do work and be 1 step ahead of whoever is doing these things.Thanks.

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