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07/03/2021 - 

I’ve been diagnosed for having cyst/tumor in my mouth. I’m scheduled to go to a bigger hospital next week to determine the exact illness type & what to do about it. Unfortunately, I’ve always been scared of hospitals since I was a child. I plead God to have mercy on me and please heal me & give me strength. I know He loves all His children including me & He won’t leave me alone in this difficult time. I’m thankful for all His blessings in my life until now. I hope I’ll be able to go through this one as well with Him. Nothing is impossible in Jesus Christ and I believe that.

I would also love to pray for all my family & loved ones to stay strong no matter what happens to me.

Thank you & amen.

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Psalm 119:114

'You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your word.'

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