Medical Need Housing Move Application Approved For Me

23/05/2021 - 

I have been living in a ground floor apartment for two years under various noisy neighbors and I have complained to the housing office multiple times about providing better sound proofing in the above apartment so that I do not have to hear my neighbours day to day activities but nothing has been done. It is a government subsidised housing apartment like Section 8 and I cannot afford to move out and pay private housing rent amounts here in London (minimum rent is £1000 p/m for a 1 bed apartment) as I am unemployed right now due to the noise above affecting my disability, Fibromyalgia, and causing my symptoms to worsen.

I applied to be able to move to another apartment within the social landlords housing portfolio on medical grounds in April and I am waiting to see if my application will be approved. Please pray that my application is approved within the next two weeks and that God will bless with a better apartment for me that caters to my needs, has great sound proofing so that I will not ever hear my neighbours’ activities in their apartment(s), is in a great location, as big as possible, have great neighbours and affordable for me.

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