Dangerous family situations

03/02/2021 - 

Please pray and intercede strongly ever for desperate jobless son Alroyd moslem convert name Mohammad resorting to criminal activities non stop, even right now, housebreaking, stealing documents, violence along with his wife and her cousin brother in our 🏠 houses, putting new locks making impossible for me and daughter to enter, creating havoc in goa and bombay, non stop breaking locks padlocks, making impossible for me and daughter sleeplessness and rest, threatening, ruining his life, our family members and peace non-stop since 14 years, and most especially after lockdown being lifted up and filed false court cases after cases using his Christian name instead of muslim name he obtained for property and sending police after me and my friend and legal notices through a very influential Christian advocate Sheila Caeiro, (whose father is a judge) along with neighbor Agnella and his moslem cousin, making false claims and allegations against me and daughter threatening to remove from her job and extradition. Stubborn, defiant, not willing to take his proportionate share legally due but want 100 percent leaving me and daughter totally pauper.

His mother I. E my wife Aveena died out of shock for his getting married to muslim Shaista without her or my consent, and wife’s mother Zubeda deceived him married to her daughter Shaista with support of Christians Gladys pinto and Agnella to utter shock of my wife and his mother to death while I was on overseas job assignment.

That he, his wife, her relatives, mother and entire family be delivered from the powers of Islam and the devil.. And turn to Jesus Christ in total surrender on knees to Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior and blessed now and always peacefully. Amen.

Pray that he obtains a secured good job, take his legal share peacefully, have his own home and delivered from Satanic Islam, borrowing and stealing money and demanding for possessions and blackmailing and live peacefully.

That my daughter Asmita gets her divorce annulment marriage and a good secured life partner and keep her safe from Alroyd and his moslem family members threats and ruining her life, marriage alliance and career and even Abie.

That our families and coming generation are delivered from parental and ancestral curses and are filled by the Holy Spirit. And all our family members and ancestors dead and gone are forgiven their sins and enter in heavenly paradise joyfully accompanied by heavenly angels, amen.

In jesus name I pray. Thank you Jesus and all of you. Amen, amen, amen.

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