Who we are and why we set up Bay Volunteers (originally the Lancaster District Support Line).

We want to bring hope to our city, that whoever you are and however this virus is effecting you, there are a group of willing volunteers here to help. We can get through this together.

On the 15th of March, the day before Boris Johnson announced the first set of heavier COVID-19 restrictions we put out a phone number for anyone who needed help, without much of an idea of how we would help them but knowing we would. Within 24 hours we had the bare bones of our current system and began processing a huge influx of volunteers.

In the coming weeks as we linked many requesters to volunteers and started to establish partnerships with Lancaster City Council and Lancaster District CVS. The system grew considerable and increased in capacity.

But who is Hope Church? This page is designed to give our volunteers and those using the service a glimpse into who we are and what else we do.

A quick introduction to Hope Church Lancaster

Online Church

Our full program of online church activity including Sunday Services, mid-week programs and of course our Something More podcast.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a program designed to help people get over life's hang-ups, habits and hurts. CR can be a great step towards recovery.

Online Prayer

Our online prayer room is a place where anyone can be prayed for, anonymously if required. Simply submit your prayer request and see when people pray for you.

Church on the Marsh

Our Sunday afternoon family-friendly service in the Marsh Community Centre, this smaller gathering is lots of fun with a great sense of community

Eden 2.0

Eden 2.0  is our Friday night service at Lancaster House Hotel. It's about stripping church back to its basics, authentic and real community, participation and a powerful encounter with God

Meet the Team

Meet the team that leads Hope Church, not that we call all the shots, our job is to empower and raise up others to take the lead whilst we serve them