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Please pray for my love with Adam our relationship is broken down and there is no communication after not having a mum and dad they are alive but where never there and abusive I fell in love with Adam and we argued a lot and people spread rumours about me that I cheated on him and since then we have been drifitng apart he is the most important person to me in the world and we dont talk how we used to. We have been broken up but seen each other in christmas and we were loving to each other i do think he still loves me but the out indivual problems and our childhoods made it hard to trust each other and know how to love. Since we have been broken up I have not been the same, i wake up and I think about him I feel like i have lost part of myself the pain longing and sadness is unbearable at times, i love him dearly and I want God to change me and to heal us both and show us what love is and how to do it and for restoration in our love, that God would also give him salvation like he has saved me. I also ask please pray that God would reveal to Adam that I did not cheat on him ever in fact till this day I do want any other man I am fiecely loyal nevethless I want the truth to come out and God is for truth so I know this is His Will. Please pray for breakthrough between Adam and I, I cannot explain the hole in my life that I feel like gireveing and before I met him my life was all twisted wrong and lonely with no mum and dad to love me and abuse. This is the earnest prayer of my heart one day I would love to be Adams wife. He and I in Christ. Blessings

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