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Please Pray for Jan. She has finished Chemo and no active cancer. Praise God! Jan was, starting to feel better and recover with exercise. However she has been started on Drugs which stop oestrogen in her body as, she had hormone receptive breast cancer, and these drugs are Crippling her. Basically induced Menopause but worse. She is, suffering severe depression, considerable joint pain (struggling to walk some days), lack of sleep, motivation and exhaustion.!! So hard for her to face this after feeling active again and this drug is for many years to prevent cancer return. Please Pray these symptoms reduce and she can have a, quality of life as well as no cancer return. She feels closer to God and is celebrating her Birthday on Easter Sunday which is wonderful. She is growing close to Villa and he will Celebrate with her. Pray he manages his studies and finds a job as he recovers from long Covid. And Pray God supplies all the needs of Sam Jan’s other main support. She would be lost without them. But neither live nearby and Sam still trying to get his Visa Thank you Bless you.

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