This prayer wall is for anyone, regardless of your background or beliefs, we want to pray for you and give you the opportunity to pray

Here are three ways that you can use this prayer page

  • Please submit your prayer request to the prayer wall with the 'request prayer' button. People will be able to pray for you and press 'Pray' each time. You can check back to see how often someone has prayed for you.
  • If you would like to talk to someone or pray in person, over the phone or zoom then please use the form underneath the prayer wall and someone will get in touch
  • Please use this page to pray for peoples needs, press 'Pray' each time you do so, this lets the person know you've prayed. For some tips on how to get going with prayer check out the videos at the bottom of the page.

Please press 'Pray' each time you pray for someone, there is a counter underneath each request to let the person know how many times they have been prayed for

  • Looking for employment desperately.
    I am struggling to find employment. Please pray for me.
  • blood sugar
    diabeties/insulin resistance deliverence blood suger balance . pancreas function liver kidneys eyes .healthy
  • purify me with love
    may the purifying power of divine love purify me from disease/demons/entities/evil spirits and deliver me and protect me
  • Peace and protection
    Will you please pray peace and protection over my brother? He continues to push us away, so I ask for God's supernatural conviction of love, hope, and redemption. Please pray for revival of mind, body, and spirit. I ask also for an uprooting of the fear, anxiety, loneliness, and other lies that Satan tries to plant (especially during sleepless nights). Please pray that angels stand guard against all evil day and night, and that my brother knows that he can have new life in Jesus. Thank you!
  • spiritual growth
    As a new believer please pray for more of the presence of jesus and the holy spirit in my life so i may learn how to live the new life jesus has promised me thank you
  • Prayer request
    Please pray for the healing and deliverance of my sister Karina, and protection for my family. We're believing for total breakthrough. Please keep us in prayer. Thank you!
  • Healing
    Could you pray for Sara Nemer, please? She got COVID and needs HEALING.
  • Medical Need Housing Move Application Approved For Me
    I have been living in a ground floor apartment for two years under various noisy neighbors and I have complained to the housing office multiple times about providing better sound proofing in the above apartment so that I do not have to hear my neighbours day to day activities but nothing has been done. It is a government subsidised housing apartment like Section 8 and I cannot afford to move out and pay private housing rent amounts here in London (minimum rent is £1000 p/m for a 1 bed apartment) as I am unemployed right now due to the noise above affecting my disability, Fibromyalgia, and causing my symptoms to worsen. I applied to be able to move to another apartment within the social landlords housing portfolio on medical grounds in April and I am waiting to see if my application will be approved. Please pray that my application is approved within the next two weeks and that God will bless with a better apartment for me that caters to my needs, has great sound proofing so that I will not ever hear my neighbours’ activities in their apartment(s), is in a great location, as big as possible, have great neighbours and affordable for me.
  • For my dad who has died
    Please pray for my dad (Jack) who died. That God will have mercy on his soul and that he will be happy in heaven.
  • Financial
    My Father in heaven I come before you and I ask in Jesus mighty name keep me in a JOB and keep this minibus strong CP09KYf always and never fail me when working, keep me strong in my financial life let this month May open doors to new opportunity and me have the standard license disc let your yes be yes my Lord Jesus Christ I thank you Jesus 🙏 I break all evil spirits and curses from my financial life and Job and this vehicle and my family leave right now in Jesus name and never come back in Jesus name thank you Jesus for sending your heavenly Angels in 10000000 to protect us at all times in every area thank you Jesus Amen Amen Amen hellelujah hellelujah hellelujah 🙏🙏🙏 it is done ✅✅✅

Please fill out this form if you would like to be prayed for, please note a couple of things:

- 'Title' refers to the title of your prayer request and not your name

- You can submit anonymous requests but writing 'anonymous' in the name section





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This prayer wall is open to anyone, it doesn't matter if you come to church, it doesn't matter if you think this whole thing is a bit weird. Prayer makes a difference in our lives and we want to pray for you.


Please submit your prayer requests using the form, they will then be processed before appearing on the site.

If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please just fill out the name field with 'Anon'. Please be sensitive with the information you share and remember that this is a public site.


For help with praying, please scroll down the page and find a video that will help you get started.

I'd like to pray or talk further with someone

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Help: How do I even begin to pray?

Here are a couple of videos to get you started, an introduction video and a more in-depth seminar looking at how to begin to pray.

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