And I would walk 1686 miles

and I would walk 1686 miles more

Join us as we collectively seek to walk 1686 miles

from Lancaster, UK to Kyustendil, Bulgaria to raise

money to feed vulnerable communities

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Covid-19 in the Balkans

"It is estimated about 10,000 girls, mostly of Roma descent, are sex-trafficked each year in Bulgaria alone"

While COVID-19 has caused many in the UK to suffer in many ways including financially, these problems are amplified further in other parts of the world.

Due to generations of racism, Roma families living in the Balkans often face severe poverty, unemployment, and a lack of access to health care, education, and other services. It is estimated about 10,000 girls, mostly of Roma descent, are sex-trafficked each year in Bulgaria alone. The COVID-19 crisis has significantly increased the vulnerability in these communities, leaving many with no food to eat.

As a church we partner closely with the team working in Bulgaria, Serbia and North Macedonia working to prevent trafficking and reduce the vulnerability in these communities. In response to the current crisis they are running an emergency feeding program in around 50 communities, costing a total of around £4500 per month. They desperately need financial support to keep this vital work going a little longer.

Just £90 can feed and supply medicine for a whole community for a month!

There are three ways you can get involved and make a difference

Pledge your miles

Use the form below to pledge how many miles you are going to walk, run or cycle between the 25th - 31st of May. We can make it to Bulgaria together!

Get Sponsorship

Once you've pledged a distance to walk start sharing the giving form and asking your friends and family to sponsor you. We recommend aiming to raise £5 a mile.

Donate Yourself

Sponsor someone who is already taking part or make a gift towards the whole project. Use the giving form and indicate in the description who you are sponsoring.

Our progress so far

Track our progress on the map, pledge your mileage and help us finish the journey! 

Pledge your miles

You can walk, run or cycle, let's go! (click here for a mobile-friendly version)

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